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Une Ordonnance de police

Une Ordonnance de police

Charles-Émile Jacque (French, 1813–1894) Une Ordonnance de police contrariée par la nature (A Police Ordinance Contravened by Nature), 19th century Lithograph Gift of Eugene L. Garbaty, 1951.85.13

As the city’s population grew in the first half of the century and as the pace of city living quickened, Parisian pedestri-ans faced many obstacles, including overflowing gutters, the daily droppings of thousands of horses, the pushcarts of street vendors, and each other.

— Que diable, monsieur, vous obstruez le trottoir ... vous n'avez donc pas lu la nouvelle ordonnance concernant les pié-tons? ... prenez votre droite ... prenez toujours votre droite ! … —Monsieur je suis gaucher ! –Ah c'est différent ... mais alors quand on a une infirmité pa-reille à Paris on ne devrait sortir qu'en voiture !

—For goodness sake, sir, you're blocking the sidewalk...haven't you read the new directive for pedestrians? ...walk on the right...always walk on the right... —Sir, I'm left-handed! –Oh, well that’s different... but when one has such a disability in Paris one should always take a cab!